Refunds Policy

Refund Policy
  • The transactions carried out on our Mobile App or as a result of the toll-free order generated via this Website, or via any other means with A2Z Laundry are non-refundable. Whilst you recognize that there is there is a risk of damage of garments in the Laundry process, A2Z Laundry agrees to compensate you in such an event, subject to full investigation of the cause of damage to the garment.
  • Claims for any damaged articles should reach us within 24 hours of delivery along with the bill reference and digital photographs
  • A2Z Laundry will investigate the cause of the damage to the garments via its CCTV footage and via analysis of the garment to arrive at the reason for the damage of the garment
  • If the damage has been caused due to mishandling by A2Z Laundry, we will reimburse upto ten (10) times the cost of washing the garment
Lost Items
  • Any lost item must be reported within 7 days of the delivery of the garments to All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Items are considered lost twenty (20) days after the initial claim has been made. In line with industry practices, any reimbursement for an item deemed lost by A2Z Laundry shall be limited to twenty (20) times the charge for treating the garment.